Members should be aware that the Society is no longer considered a Consultee on planning matters. Any objection made on behalf of the Society has no more weight or influence than an individual member of the public. Members who have concerns/objections to any particular application must object themselves. By all means notify us of concerns, at, but do not rely on a single Society objection to represent views.

These are the planning applications that we are currently watching or have taken action against in the last two years. Although some may now be dead they are included because from experience they often come alive again in another form.
You can just click on the planning reference nos and link to the Cornwall Council Pages

PA15/00955Pines Tip, Fraddon3 x 70mrefused/ appeal dismissed
PA15/00511Scarcewater Tip Fraddon3 x 92.5mrefused/ appeal dismissed
PA17/10890Hendraburnick Farm, Davidstow1 x 77mObjection raised. REFUSED
PA18/10990Lower Tregeen Farm, Davidstow1 x 77mrepower of existing small turbine, objection raised.
SOLARNo applications at present

PA17/024946 lodges, The Point, St. Minverapproved
PA17/02904Single house Chapel Barn, St. Brewardapproved
PA17/03837Outline 300 houses Gonvena, Wadbridgeongoing
PA17/03835143 houses Football field, Wadebridgeapproved by Strategic Committee 10/01/19
PA17/03988Aqua park on Hawks Tor Lake, BlislandMAJOR CONCERN objection raised. REFUSED
PA17/046225 houses Higher Tremar, Liskeardapproved
PA17/051855 bedroom dwelling and garage, Rockapproved
PA17/05689204 houses Higher Trenant, Wadebridgeapproved
PA17/06306Agricultural dwelling, Waterloo, Blislandapproved by committee, 6/11/17
PA17/06656conversion of disused clay works, Heneward, Adventrefused, appeal dismissed
PA17/07788Large rebuild, Mother Ivys Bay, Trevose Headobjection raised, approved
PA17/08672Outline agricultural dwelling, Trecreege, St. Endellionobjection raised, refused, appeal allowed
PA17/090912 houses, St. Cleer.refused
PA18/0293026 dwellings Penhale Farm St Cleerongoing, much local opposition
PA18/05209225 dwellings etc. Bodieve, Wadebridgereapplication with changes of PA16/10942
PA18/06323Shepherd huts. Dinham House, St. Minverapproved
PA18/07298Caravan and camping, Temple fisheryongoing
PA18/02128 Major development, Church Park, EgloshaylePre-application stage, unable to comment as yet
nonePentire NT developmentNo action taken as yet
nonePossible Trevose NT developmentNo action taken as yet
nonePossible reinstatement of Bodmin to Wadebridge railway.No action taken as yet

Members are the eyes and ears of the Society and please continue to let us know if you are unhappy with any applications

When objecting to any Planning Development the only arguments that will be considered are called Material Planning Considerations. Guidelines and advice is available on the Cornwall Council website. This can be seen at:

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