The list of applications to which the Society has made written objections is shown on the Current Concerns page

The developers of the proposed wind farm at Scotland Corner have withdrawn the application, bowing to the considerable pressure of objections. They tried to make it a ‘community project’ as a last effort to get approval but local councils would not give their support. We are delighted as it would have done serious damage to the landscape from many viewpoints

We have sent a letter to Cornwall Council asking about the flashing red lights on the new turbines at Denzell Downs. Their close proximity to the airport demands a visible light rather than the infra-red light fitted on other tall turbines. It was not appreciated at the time of the planning application how intrusive those flashing lights would be. It is unacceptable that people who live in the area will have to put up with this for the next 25 years and we have asked that something is done. Common sense would point to a modified specification to include reflectors that cut most of the horizontal light and reflect it upwards. We await an answer

The number of proposed new houses throughout our area is a problem. This is made worse where there is no neighbourhood plan, even in draft, which directs where development may and may not take place. In fighting an inappropriate application a draft plan is taken as a planning 'material consideration' and will be noted. Wadebridge and St Minver have draft plans but there is no sign of other parishes/areas getting together to write theirs

This plan, which covers the two parishes of Egloshayle and St Breock as well as the town of Wadebridge itself, is now fairly well advanced. A public consultation will be held over a three week period in the Spring. Copies of the draft Plan and a more summary version will be widely available

Although only relatively few of our members live in the town, almost all of us use Wadebridge for shopping and social purposes. It is therefore important that as many of us as possible take advantage of this opportunity to have our say and try to prevent inappropriate development, or at least to make it more difficult. Developers are already eyeing up the area as a desirable one for building profitable homes, so that a Neighbourhood Plan which constrains and contains development is essential if the character of Wadebridge and its surroundings is not to be lost for ever

Our Vice Chairman Jeremy Varcoe is one of those involved in drafting the Plan and he asks us all to take an interest since it will affect most of us - and our children. He is also ready to answer any questions that members may have on 01208 862954 or

For those of you who do not pay your subscriptions by annual bank standing order, may I remind you that your cheques should be sent to our Treasurer, c/o Nicola Mundy by 1st March 2016 (£10.00 individual, £15.00 joint, payable to CVBMPS)

We always try to encourage members to pay by standing order as it reduces the time and administration that is involved and Nicola will be more than pleased to let you have the relevant forms should you decide to sign up to a standing order for next year

May I yet again remind you that members of the Society are our “eyes and ears” and it is important that you let a trustee know if there are planning issues that you feel should be brought to our attention

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on 24th February

Richard Vyvyan-Robinson