The list of applications to which the Society has made written objections is shown on the Current Concerns page

Wind Turbines
A year ago we were fighting the plague of individual turbines but the situation has now changed. The new Government policy for on-shore turbines has been well reported in the press.

There are a number of approved applications from years ago that for some reason were not built, and yet may be. However, no new applications are likely to succeed when it can be demonstrated that local opinion is against them. The latest one to be refused is at Tremail near Davidstow

There are two proposed wind farms which are causing us concern:

  • Scotland Corner on the high ground south of Winnards Perch on the A39. It would cause a serious intrusion into the landscape and would be seen from the AONB of the Camel Estuary. We intend to do all that is necessary to get this refused
  • Also, the wind farm at Cold Northcott (the two bladed windfarm on the A395 Davidstow to Launceston road). This may be difficult as it was one of the first to be built and it is believed that the contract was not written in the same way as the more modern ones, leaving out the 25 year limit clause. It can be seen from a large part of Bodmin Moor. We will be taking advice on this and, if necessary, formulate a plan to fight it. At the moment it is in the screening stage for repowering and an application will no doubt follow
  • Solar farms continue to be a threat, if built on good agricultural land or, in our opinion, inappropriate places.

    Housing is becoming a new threat to our environment and Wadebridge is an example. There are applications, screening requests and rumours of large housing developments amply reported in the local press, far in excess of local needs. Wadebridge is a lovely town and over development of this kind has to be resisted and we, when the time is right, will lend our support to a sensible outcome.

    As always, it would be really helpful if you could offer any suggestions at the AGM with regard to future speakers for our meetings in February, May and October/November (Agenda item 6).

    The Walk and Talk on Roughtor last month was a great success, as was the trip to the Met Office last year, so if you have any ideas for similar outings, please let us hear them.

    I look forward to welcoming you to the AGM on 4th November

    Richard Vyvyan-Robinson