YOUR TRUSTEES FOR 2014/15 are confirmed as follows:

Richard Vyvyan-RobinsonChairman/Planning Representative(01841) 540511
Jeremy VarcoeVice Chairman(01208) 862954
Martin SaundersTreasurer(01841) 520080
Nicola MundySecretary/Membership Secretary(01208) 812915
Kevin LawtonWebsite Contact(01208) 850094
Philip Waller(01566) 86516
Bill Hebblethwaite(01208) 880101
Caroline Rucker(01566) 86126

Since the last newsletter, events have moved on to a very satisfactory conclusion. We were granted a Public Enquiry and Amble Valley Group and ourselves hired a QC and the various experts needed.

Just after a visit by the QC, Case Manager and the Heritage expert, we heard from the Inspectorate that the Appeal had been withdrawn! The reason given was the closeness to the “financially involved” property at Smeathers Farm, but we suspect this was just an excuse when they realised the strength of our case and our determination.

Our thanks go to all those who worked so hard and gave financially towards winning this vital test case.

The list of applications to which the Society has made written objections can be found on our website: (

Single Wind Turbines: We are currently fighting the Treswarrow turbine application and it would be disappointing if this also did not end in our favour. The turbine at Tregorden Farm, Bodieve has been refused despite the favourable views of some people in Wadebridge. There have been no new full applications for individual turbines since the last newsletter but there have been a number of ‘screening’ requests to the planners. These are published but objections or comments are not accepted at this stage. It seems that preparations are going ahead in the hope that if, in the coming election, a political party that does not have sympathy with protecting our environment gains power, there will be a deluge of new applications.

The rebuilding of the derelict Headland Hotel at Port Gaverne has been approved on grounds that it will provide employment and is good for the economy of the area. Our objection was that the front of the hotel in the computerised picture was, in the opinion of members in the area, unacceptable. It is hoped that when it is built it may not be so bad.

We have been a consultee for the new version of Cornwall Council’s interactive map project. It will be most useful for those interested in landscape and other matters and it can be found at

For those of you who do not pay your subscriptions by annual bank standing order, may I remind you that your cheques should be sent to our Treasurer, c/o Nicola Mundy by 1st March 2015 (£10.00 individual, £15.00 joint, payable to CVBMPS).

We always try to encourage members to pay by standing order as it reduces the time and administration that is involved and Nicola will be more than pleased to let you have the relevant forms should you decide to sign up to a standing order for next year.

May I yet again remind you that members of the Society are our “eyes and ears” and it is important that you let a trustee know if there are planning issues that you feel should be brought to our attention.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on 4th March.

Richard Vyvyan-Robinson