THE SOCIETY'S AGM last October was very well attended and we were entertained by an extremely interesting talk given by the Padstow Harbourmaster Rob Atkinson.

MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS DUE 1ST MARCH 2014 For those of you who do not pay your subscriptions by annual bank standing order, may I remind you that your cheques should be sent to our Treasurer, c/o Nicola Mundy by 1st March 2014 (£10.00 individual, £15.00 joint, payable to CVBMPS).

We always try to encourage members to pay by standing order as it reduces the time and administration that is involved and Nicola will be more than pleased to let you have the relevant forms should you decide to sign up to a standing order for next year.

CVBMPS WEBSITE Our website has been overhauled and improved (we are most grateful to David Croft for this) and I recommend that you have a look at it to discover the useful information it now contains, particularly with regard to planning applications ( Kevin Lawton is the person to contact if you have any comments or suggestions.

PLANNING Wind turbines continue to be the major concern in our area. As expected a number of applications have been withdrawn after objections had been made, and some refused for good planning reasons, but with one shocking exception. The appeal against refusal for the turbine at Smeathers Farm (PA12/ 07233) was allowed. This was strange because others, with arguably less material reasons for a refusal, had their appeal dismissed showing a lack of consistency. This decision is clearly at odds with the recent ministerial guidance which says that the planning system should give more weight to local opinion.

The Society has written to our MP (he appears to be more helpful now) and he has replied advising that we write to the Minster. A letter expressing our concerns has been sent to Rt Hon Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and we await a reply.

The Judicial Review on the Helsbury Woods turbine was refused; this was not a surprise as our solicitor estimated only a 40% chance, but it was worth a try.

An up to date list of applications is on the website. If you require further information ‘click’ on the number and it should take you direct to the Council’s website or, if this fails, contact me or any trustee.

In addition to the submitted applications we are watching with some concern the threat of applications for the re-powering of Cold Northcott and the new wind farms west of the Wadebridge showground at Scotland Corner and Denzell. The last two are not in our area but if they cause an unacceptable visual intrusion viewed from the Camel Estuary AONB then we may object.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on 19th February.

Richard Vyvyan-Robinson Chairman