We have had a number of lectures on renewable energy and our landscape over recent years, all firmly against wind and solar power. Most of our members tended to agree with their views but we have had criticism that the Society has been a little one sided. To correct this Marcus Trinick QC has agreed to give us a lecture. He acted for the company who are striving to erect (and we are striving to stop them!) the wind farm at Davidstow. Marcus is the son of the late Michael Trinick who ran the National Trust in Cornwall for many years and was highly thought of and well liked. Marcus fully understands that he will be talking to a somewhat hostile audience, but is quite prepared to answer any sharp questions from members on turbines and other matters. It should be fun and an enjoyable evening! Please come.

There is still no official planning application for the proposed 17 turbine wind farm at Davidstow but it is expected soon (as it has been now for many months). When there is any movement on this members will be informed

We have continued to object to any ‘structure’ connected with renewable energy that in our view is damaging to our landscape, especially those near or in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). We have had considerable success, with a few failures, but compared to other parts of Cornwall we are doing well. Where we fail is when the Parish Council or the Cornwall Councillor supports the application; it is important that the first step in fighting a proposal is to talk to them. There are a few well known culprits in our area, but they are sometimes open to persuasion. Local Plan. Cornwall Council Local Plan (formally known as the Core Strategy) is in draft and is in the consultation faze which finishes on 22nd April 2013, there is therefore a rush if individual members wish to make a comment. It is quite simple to make a comment via the electronic response form taken from the council’s website. There is a serious waste of time in trying to understand what, concerning turbines and solar, is allowed and what will be refused. We need a formula for the height of the turbine and distance from designated landscapes, distance from each other (cumulative impact) and distance from dwellings and other concerns such as noise. This is the basis of the Society’s comment

The Society would get into very hot water (rightly) if any suggestion was made on how members should vote! However, we have three members standing for election! Vivian Hall at Alternun, Colin Brewer (clearly a man of great determination and guts) Wadebridge East and Emma Hambly, St Issey/Tudy who is standing on an anti-wind turbine ticket. It is suggested to members that they may like to question prospective councillors on their views on the damage that renewable energy projects can do to our countryside if badly sited.